Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Jacksonville need a service like this? Is it hard to integrate into Jacksonville?

Moving is stressful regardless of where you currently live and regardless of what city is your new home. This service is offered in Northeast Florida because company Founders Anna Valent and Wally Lee live in the region, have numerous contacts and have extensive  knowledge of the area. This service represents a differentiator for both Jacksonville and the client companies offering LVG services.

My company will not provide this service, but I would like to have it. Can I purchase it directly?

Yes. LeeValent is happy to visit with you for a free consultation. During the consultation, we will try to understand the challenges you are having and recognize where we can add value for your particular situation.  LeeValent will create a customized package for you based on the level of service you need.

How do you define “moving companions?”

A “moving companion” is anyone who is making this move with you. Everyone’s life circumstances are different and LeeValent is here to help everyone. This could include a spouse, a partner, a significant other, children, grandchildren, elderly parents or other dependents.

Can you find my moving companion a job?

In some instances, LeeValent may know of an open position that meets the qualifications of your moving companion and LeeValent will facilitate an introduction. We also have a wide array of contacts to whom we will be happy to distribute your companion’s resume and related information. However, because LeeValent is not a Human Resources (HR) company, we will refer your moving companion to a well-qualified HR company that can provide focused assistance.

Is this service similar to an Employee Assistance Program?

While this service is designed to reduce stress levels associated with relocation, LeeValent is not in the licensed professional counseling or medical field. LeeValent may advise you to speak with your company’s EAP program for personal issues with which we are not qualified to assist. LeeValent can also recommend qualified psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals and programs.

Do you sell houses? Are you in the real estate business?

No, LeeValent Group does not sell houses nor are we real estate professionals. However, we do consider real estate brokers and agents to be valued partners. We work with you to understand your expectations, lifestyle and desired amenities so that we knowledgably recommend areas of town that best meet those needs. LeeValent will recommend top realtors who specialize in the recommended areas to find the perfect home for you and your family.