What We Do

The LeeValent Group is an HR enhancement company that specializes in assisting professionals and their moving companions who relocate to Northeast Florida with personal integration into the community.

  • Directly address top concerns about moving
  • Secure top candidates
  • Show employees and their families the company cares
  • Enhance current relocation program
  • Ensure maximum productivity from the start
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Help retain new employees

How We Help Your Company

Partnering directly with employers, the LeeValent team provides support to six of the top eight concerns of relocating employees. Few, if any, relocation packages address these issues.


Relocating LVG Style

LVG offers recommendations to meet needs for important life choices such as neighborhoods, schools, personal care professionals, sports and social activities, for example. We provide personalized introductions that lead to potential friendships, board leadership positions, and relationships with community leaders. 

Our team assigns professionals and any companions to a cohort of new residents, which results in connections with people facing similar challenges and the creation of a support system.

Your Trusted Advisors

Programs include customized plans for every relocating professional and companions, if any. LeeValent introduces employees and/or candidates to the Jacksonville area with a comprehensive orientation. We gather information necessary to create a customized plan and serve as a trusted advisor and resource before, during and after the move.

New Hire Community Integration Services

Large Scale Community Integration Services