Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell houses? Are you in the real estate business?

No, LeeValent Group does not sell houses nor are we real estate professionals. However, we do consider real estate brokers and agents to be valued partners. We work with your candidates and/or employees to understand their expectations, lifestyle and desired amenities so that we knowledgably recommend areas of town that best meet those needs. LeeValent will recommend top realtors who specialize in the recommended areas to find the perfect home for your employees’ families.

What value does LeeValent bring to a company?

LeeValent helps increase the productivity of relocating employees by ensuring they (and their moving companions) effectively integrate into the community quickly and easily. This reduces stress, increases focus, increases employee morale and loyalty. By maximizing the chances of a successful relocation, it protects the company’s investment in recruiting or transferring the individual. It also helps differentiate the company as an outstanding place to work.

How do you define “moving companions?”

A “moving companion” is anyone who is making this move with the employee. Everyone’s life circumstances are different and LeeValent is here to help everyone. This could include a spouse, a partner, a significant other, children, grandchildren, elderly parents or other dependents.

Do you help with moving logistics?

No. LeeValent is happy to recommend relocation companies who are experts in packing and moving home goods and taking care of the other logistical needs of your employee’s move.

Why would HR professionals want to use this resource?

LeeValent services increase productivity by ensuring the new employee and their moving companions quickly, easily and happily integrate into the community. This reduces the stress involved in a relocation and results in increased focus, employee morale and loyalty. It protects your investment.

This service specifically helps HR professionals focus on HR for the entire company and provides the human resources professional with another tool to offer an employee who may be struggling with issues outside the workplace--issues that can otherwise negatively impact performance and productivity. These services also help differentiate the company as an outstanding place to work, which is something all HR professionals value.

Do you have a program to address the needs of a large influx of people moving at one time?

Yes. LeeValent has resources all over the region and the ability and flexibility to assist with any size relocation. LeeValent has developed a proprietary formula to determine precisely how many of our associates we will need to devote to your company’s move to ensure that you and all other relocating employees and moving companions receive the highest quality of customized services.