Clients and Testimonials

The LeeValent Group works with major companies and organizations in Northeast Florida.


FNF is an employee-friendly company and always looking for ways to build on that reputation. The services the LeeValent Group has provided our relocating professionals have been superb and, candidly, have exceeded our expectations. Corporate relocations are typically quite stressful. The LVG team has simplified the process, leading to less stress and greater initial productivity. We highly recommend the LeeValent Group to all progressive, employee-friendly organizations.

Rick Cox
Fidelity National Financial (FNF)
Executive Vice President

With any relocation, it takes a lot of energy to get to know the community. With Anna and Wally, you are quickly welcomed, so the ramp-up speed is much faster.

Jeremy Sochol
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

As we hire and move senior leaders into the company from outside the area, the biggest challenge is ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to the community, not only for the executive but also for the executive’s family. With the support of LeeValent, our leaders have a professional, well-connected resource dedicated to their specific needs.

David Thaeler
Executive Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer

This is a service that we do not have the time or the resources internally to provide. Establishing the connections or discussing life in Jacksonville from an external perspective is invaluable to a potential senior executive.

Fortune 500 Company Top Executive
Confidentiality Requested

Family Testimonials

If it wasn’t for Wally and Anna, I would not be as comfortable, confident or feel as welcome as I do now. At a time when I was ready to go back to St. Louis, they helped me connect with other people of similar interests in Jacksonville and made me feel invited. They made me feel good about living here.

Denise Levitch
Spouse of Fidelity National Financial’s Head of Litigation, Jay Levitch

When I moved to Jacksonville I was very anxious about moving to a new place. My wife, Kate and I had just spent several years in a new city and never really acclimated to our living situation there. Wally, Anna and Alyson took us under their wing and immediately helped us find our place here in Jacksonville. They introduced us to people we now call friends and have been great friends themselves.

Robert Onstead
BI-LO Winn-Dixie
Sr. Manager of
Digital Marketing & Social Media

LeeValent Group helps you get emerged into the city. Just the immediacy of getting to know the community, developing contacts and building relationships is a significant benefit. It would take much longer to figure it out on your own. With LeeValent, doors are opened, and it is all laid out for you.

Jeremy Sochol
RS & H
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

With Wally and Anna, you aren’t starting from ground zero. I can’t say for certain we would have moved here without them.

Molly Walsh
Spouse of Mickey Walsh, Rayonier’s Treasurer