Secure and Optimize Strategic Talent

The LeeValent Group is an HR enhancement company that increases the rate of successful relocations and demonstrates that a company cares about its associates and their families. Partnering directly with employers, our team introduces professionals and families to the community and connects them with leaders. 

Companies, on average, lose 31 percent of their top out-of-town candidates for reasons due to relocating. Even the companies with the best relocation programs, absent the services of the LeeValent Group, lose almost one quarter. Of the professionals and families we have worked with prior to an offer being made, 100 percent of LVG clients have chosen to move to the region and thus accepted the position offered to them. LeeValent can help you secure your best candidates and retain your best employees.


Increase productivity and morale

An employee with an annual salary of $40,000 who is unhappy costs a company $38,600 annually in addition to the salary. A happy employee adds an additional $20,919 annually to a company’s bottom line. 


The average cost to move an employee who owns a home is more than $90,000 and increasing. Plus, more than $10,000 in hiring costs are incurred. And it takes an average of 51 days to fill an open position.  These are a significant outlay of resources, and LeeValent helps protect this investment.

Differentiate your company

According to source, more than 60 percent of HR professionals believe the quality of the relocation package is key to a candidate accepting an offer.


Our team understands that the relocating process is a stressful time.  Each relocating employee receives custom integration services for up to a year, which reduces the standard integration period from two to three-years to a year or less. This process differentiates your company as a great place to work.