LeeValent Story

Helping Relocating Employees and Families Thrive

couple-in-park.pngThe LeeValent Group is an HR enhancement company that provides services for professionals and families who are relocating from locations throughout the United States or abroad. Partnering directly with employers, our company introduces employees and any companions to the community, connects them with leaders and is dedicated to helping these new residents thrive in our community.

Certain laws prevent HR professionals and realtors from exploring some of the most important values within an individual’s life. However, LVG is not restricted by these laws, and in partnership with each employer, our team can customize an assimilation that addresses these values.

Customization is Key

With a deep knowledge and understanding of the region, our team learns about the needs and interests of professionals and families and offers recommendations to meet needs. This encompasses a variety of important life choices, including neighborhoods, schools, personal care professionals, sports and social activities, for example.

We provide personalized introductions that lead to potential friendships, board leadership, and relationships with community leaders. Our team assigns professionals and any companions to a cohort of new residents, which results in connections with people facing similar challenges and the creation of a support system.

How it all Began

The LeeValent Group began with an idea to help smooth the transition for professionals and families who are moving from one home city to another. With Wally’s vast experience and number of years leading chambers of commerce and Anna’s operational excellence, they recognized the need and importance of successfully integrating relocating professionals and their families into the community. This need motivated and inspired them to help people enjoy the JAX region as much as they do, creating the LeeValent Group.

LeeValent History